Saturday, September 17, 2016

Call An Electrician For Outdoor Projects

Should you call licensed electrician for outdoor projects? While some wiring projects in your yard are good DIY projects for those who are handy and who can follow instructions, there are others that are best left in the hands of a licensed electrician. It is important to recognize the difference and plan on the cost of having a professional do the job when it is warranted.

Considerations When Doing the Job Yourself

In doing any job, it is necessary to be aware of local codes and the National Electrical Code, both of which lay down specifications for materials and guidelines for work processes when working with outdoor power. Outdoor wiring is exposed to temperature and moisture. By using materials such as fixtures, switches, and cable fittings that were designed for indoor use, you can subject yourself to shock hazards and excessive wear. The codes are very clear regarding the materials you need to use.

As a weekend DIYer, you can find clear direction about materials and procedures that will enable you to run wire from your home to outside lighting. You should always check with your city to see if you need to get a permit before doing specific exterior electrical work.

Jobs that Merit a Licensed Electrician

For many exterior electrical projects, calling in a licensed electrician is the best move. Keep in mind two basic tenets:

If you are doing something that you are not familiar with, call in the pros.
If you are doing a project that is costly, plan on the help of a licensed professional.
Three of the most costly projects that fall into this category include:

Outdoor kitchens. Whether you are talking about adding a stone fireplace that is built outside your home or a full outdoor kitchen with appliances, water lines, electricity, and gas lines, using a licensed electrician will make sure that everything is done according to the codes that pertain to each part of the project. A fully equipped kitchen can cost thousands so skimping on the electrician is a poor choice.

Underground pools and spas. Adding pools, hot tubs, spas, and other water features is often a joint effort between designers, pool contractors, and landscapers, who work together to make sure that the lighting used around or even inside a pool is safe and installed according to code. As with an outdoor kitchen, pools can be expensive to put in and maintain. You don't want to have to pay the pool contractor to redo your shoddy electrical wiring.

Building a porch, patio, or deck. A DIYer might be able to handle adding a flood light mounted on the house to illuminate a patio. However, the more lights you want and the more artful the arrangement, the more important it is to have a professional on the job. A licensed electrician can safely mount a ceiling fan and put the lighting in place that is required by international building codes and local regulations that govern outdoor lighting and proper illumination of stairways.

When you are planning outdoor wiring work, consider hiring a local licensed electrician. They can help with permits and expertise to be sure the job is done right.

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