Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Electrical Power Surge - Is Your Entire Household Protected Against Them?

Most homeowners are unaware that electrical power surges happen quite frequently on any power grid in the United States. These power surges don't just spike during lightning storms but can happen at any given moment. Read on to discover what electrical power surges are, how to ensure you are protected from them at all times , and the importance of doing so to protect all your household electronics and appliances.
There are many causes for electrical power surges including lightning and thunder storms, Utility contractors working up line on the power grid your home is on, or just a transformer along the line or grid to your home going bad. Most times the spikes are minuscule and don't affect your household electrical system in any way, however there are times that a major spike occurs and major damage is done to electronics and appliances that aren't protected by some sort of surge protection device.
In much the same principle as a computer is normally plugged into a surge suppression strip for surge protection your whole house can be protected as well by having a qualified electrician install what is known as a whole house surge suppression unit. These units are installed at the service entrance (load center) of your home and either clamp the surge or redirect it to ground thus protecting the entire household electrical system and everything connected to it such as air conditioners, furnaces, electronics , and appliances.
In essence a whole house surge suppression unit installed to protect your household and all electrical devices will bring a sense of security in knowing that any unseen power surges are addressed and give you a peace of mind about your home and its' contents. Without a whole house surge suppressor one rogue power surge could instantly do thousands of dollars worth of damage and render a lot of electronics and appliances useless.
In comparison a few hundred dollars spent to protect your investments in the electronics and appliances far outweighs the cost of having to replace them and not to mention all the time and hassle it would take in dealing with insurance company as well as shopping for all new replacements and installation costs of them all.
To summarize it only takes one major spike to do untold damage within your home so having a whole house surge suppression unit can provide great protection, peace of mind, and security in knowing that your entire household is covered and there is not much worry when the occasional thunderstorm rolls through your neck of the woods.

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