Thursday, June 6, 2013

An Electrician Can Help With Retrofitting Lighting

Being green is more than a trend. It is a way many businesses are helping the environment and saving money at the same time. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, lighting accounts for 30 percent of a commercial building's annual energy bill. Implementing energy efficient lighting can easily reduce that cost by 50 percent. A way to implement energy efficient lighting is through retrofitting.
Retrofitting happens when a commercial property replaces old lighting and equipment with newer technology. The newer technology will help make the building more energy efficient. To determine exactly how much you could save with energy efficient lighting, you should begin by looking for an electrician who has experience with retrofitting. The electrician can conduct an energy audit. A quality energy audit includes counting all the existing lighting in each area, reviewing light level readings, looking at hours of operation and identifying any inefficiencies.
Some local utility companies, such as NV Energy, offer rebate programs to encourage more businesses to retrofit their buildings. The program pays businesses if they reduce their energy usage by a certain amount. An electrician can inform you of any available rebate programs and their guidelines. He or she can also explain whether your business is qualified to receive a rebate or any other financial incentives.
Once the energy audit is complete, the electrician lays out a list of recommendations. The recommendations include the costs and the savings of implementing each item on the list. The time it takes to complete a retrofit project depends on the size of the building and the extent of the upgrade. Make sure you have a clear understanding of how long the retrofit will take and how it will impact your business. A good and experienced electrician will be as detailed as you need him or her to be before you make a decision whether to go forward with the project.
If you decide the go ahead with the retrofit project, an electrician can start ordering the necessary materials and begin scheduling installation times. During the lighting retrofit project, the electrician should be on hand to offer advice and give you updates about the project.
Retrofitting lighting is one of the simplest and quickest ways to improve your energy efficiency and save money in the long run. An experienced electrician is there to guide and help you through the process to make retrofitting as seamless as possible.

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