Saturday, March 23, 2013

Adjust-e-Lume™ Technology from B-K Lighting

B-K Lighting introduces the new Adjust-e-Lume™ technology to its BKSSL™ family of products featuring the Power of 'e'.

This patent pending technology provides dynamic lumen adjustment (100%~25%) at the individual fixture without the need for an external dimming device.

As a result, Adjust-e-Lume™ gives lighting designers absolute control over the amount of light emitted by each fixture.

"Innovations into solid-state are allowing us to empower the lighting design community in ways never imagined," says Douglas W. Hagen,
President of B-K Lighting. "With the new Adjust-e-Lume™ technology, you set the lumen output at the right level for every element of the lighting project."

All Power of 'e' products featuring Adjust-e-Lume™ are equipped with an output dial for setting a desired level or changing it as conditions require. The indexed dial is accessible by removing the fixture's cap or faceplate\\

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